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September 2022

New Release for 2022 Yuvi Limited Editions and Original Paintings

Yuvi - Hottest Release to Date

Incredible new release of hand embellished limited edition prints and mixed media for September 2022. A hugely anticipated release of new editions from one of our top artists. Browse the new collection via the

Yuvi Collection

August 2022

New Release for 2022 Richard Blunt Limited Editions from the Archive Collection

Richard Blunt - The Archive Collection

A stunning new collection of limited edition prints by Richard Blunt from archives spanning over 10 years of previously unreleased work. Richard has always been asked if he would ever enter certain paintings to limited edition, and now the collection comes to light with 4 stunning new editions for 2022.

Richard Blunt Collection
New Release for 2022 Doug Hyde Prints and Originals - The Great Escape

Doug Hyde - Great Escape - OUT NOW!

Join us on a great escape with Doug Hyde. A Stunning new collection of limited edition prints and sculpture. Share the love and excitement with the UK's best loved contemporary artist.

Doug Hyde Collection
New Release for 2022 Jennifer Hogwood Prints

Alison Johnson - Summer Collection 2022

It's moosic to our ears... the long-awaited new collection from one of our best loved artists has landed and it shows Jennifer Hogwood at her very best. These four fabulous images take us from the beach and the funfair to the very heart of the delectable Hogwood Herd, in a vibrant and uplifting celebration of summer lovin’ at its most innocent and endearing. Don't miss out on your collectable edition from the inimitable Jennifer Hogwood, in the gallery soon. Contact us to place an order.

Alison Johnson Collection
New Release for 2022 Jennifer Hogwood Prints

Jennifer Hogwood - Summer Collection 2022

It's moosic to our ears... the long-awaited new collection from one of our best loved artists has landed and it shows Jennifer Hogwood at her very best. These four fabulous images take us from the beach and the funfair to the very heart of the delectable Hogwood Herd, in a vibrant and uplifting celebration of summer lovin’ at its most innocent and endearing. Don't miss out on your collectable edition from the inimitable Jennifer Hogwood, in the gallery soon. Contact us to place an order.

Jennifer Hogwood Collection
New Release for 2022 Doug Hyde Prints and Originals

Doug Hyde - Great Escape

A new summer collection from Doug Hyde is always an exciting event. This August Doug is setting off on a Great Escape with some familiar faces and much-loved pals. Join us on Friday 5th August as we reveal new collectable editions and original sketches. Every Great Escape needs a getaway car……………

This Summer we are giving all Doug Hyde collectors the opportunity to win a Fiat 500 on all purchases made of Doug Hyde’s artwork between the 5th and 21st August.

They will then be entered into a prize dram to win one of the world's most iconic cars and star of Doug Hyde’s Great Escape!

Doug Hyde Collection

July 2022

Anna Gammans Prints and Originals

Anna Gammans - Stunning new radiant seascapes

Anna’s creative reconstructions of the landscape capture the beauty and dynamism of stunning harbour locations bathed by vivid sunsets. It is the grouping of colours in a scene that initially attracts her and this visual harmony compels her to create her own image in response. Each vibrant piece portrays the energy and emotion of the environment with what the artist describes as "exploding skies" which release a whole spectrum of dramatic colours.

Anna Gammans Collection
Nick O'Neill Prints and Originals

Nick O'Neill - Mesmerising new collection of Marine Editions

We are delighted to present a new collection of limited editions from pioneering marine artist, scuba diver and passionate conservationist Nick Oneill. A combination of life experience and artistic gifts has led Nick to develop a unique style of painting to best portray the light and life of the underwater world. His work has a sparkling, reflective quality to the water, and the hyper realistic sharks appear to be escaping the boundaries of the artwork itself. Join us in the gallery to view Nick’s work or contact us to place an order.

Nick O'Neill Collection
Mr Controversial Prints and Originals

Mr. Controversial - Pulp Noir: A New Series of Paintings and Prints

Mr Controversial is a London-based artist who lives up to his creative pseudonym through the controversial nature of his work, calling out and poking fun at the first-world problems obsessed over by the millennial digital-first generation.

The artist works in a Pulp Fiction art style using oil paint and screen printing techniques, transforming vintage imagery into relatable works of fine art; telling comical, satirical and sometimes dark stories. This new collection is very much an evolution of the work that has been successful to date.

Mr. Controversial Collection

June 2022

Ron Lawson - Coastal Waters New Signed Limited Edition Prints

Ron Lawson - Series 8: A New Collection of Signed Prints

With his highly intricate, meticulous style, Ron Lawson achieves what every artist desires - instantly recognisable work. Using a limited colour palette, Ron perfectly captures detailed scenes of the Scottish coastlines and its terrain, against his trademark stark, flat grey background.

For this new collection he is going back to tradition, adding a cloudy Spring Sky lifting the usual flat grey and an addition of lovely deep warm coolours of the Scottish Heather.

Ron Lawson Collection
Jack Vettrioano - Billy Boys Limited Edition prints

Jack Vettriano - The Billy Boys Limited Edition Print

Critically acclaimed contemporary artist Jack Vettriano’s latest limited edition, The Billy Boys, is a compelling piece. Vettriano, renowned for his atmospheric 1940s/50s film noir inspired art, has created a masterpiece worthy of his OBE for services to the Visual Arts. The Billy Boys is set on a burnt orange beach, with hazy skies and rolling waves, whilst the foreground focuses on four men dressed in sharp black suits and fedora hats. The outcome is an enigmatic piece that would make a striking addition to any art collection.

Browse this stunning collection of art using the links below.

Jack Vettriano Collection

May 2022

Alison Johnson - Warmth of Your Soul

Alison Johnson - Radiant Shores

Alison's atmospheric oil paintings are vibrant and seductive and focal points for any space. By expressing the power of light playing amongst the water drops, this artist shows the abstract, surreal side to the natural world. Her seascapes follow a deep tradition which Johnson modernises and brings to a contemporary forefront. Colours sink below a piercing white surface as oceans and landscapes drift in and out of a sweeping hazy mist.

Browse this stunning collection of art using the links below.

Alison Johnson Collection

April 2022

Stuart McAlpine Miller - Harry Potter - A Portrait of Magic

Harry Potter - Revelations: A Portrait of Magic

In this new collection, Revelations: A Portrait of Magic, the Scottish artist Stuart McAlpine Miller depicts some of the wizarding world’s most popular characters, including Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Albus Dumbledore, Draco Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange. Created over a period of six years, Stuart’s multi-layered original oil paintings fuse Pop Art with classical influences from Caravaggio and Hieronymus Bosch in a spectral style previously described as ‘supernatural realism’ by the BBC and Radio 2 art critic Estelle Lovatt

Browse this stunning collection of art using the links below.

Stuart McAlpine Miller Collection

September 2021

Original and Limited Edition Prints by Stuart McAlpine Miller

Jack Vettriano - Yesterday's Dreams

Celebrating some of Jack's most iconic works, a new premium limited edition has been produced at the same size and in the same frame as the original painting.

We have a great selection of current as well as rare sold out editions. Why not browse the collection on the links below.

Jack Vettriano Miller Collection

August 2021

Original and Limited Edition Prints by Stuart McAlpine Miller

Stuart McAlpine Miller \\ The Artist Editions //

To celebrate the artists personal brand McAlpine Miller Editions, launching late Spring 2021 we are excited to announce The Artist Limited Editions. These works will be exhibited at The Kimpton Charlotte Square, Edinburgh as part of McAlpine Miller's exclusive residency with this renowned hotel group.

‘This series of works from the Split Personalities exhibition are the end product of both my interest in music and my attempt to reveal the individual behind their artform. Music has for me, like many others, greatly influenced my own approach to my art and the potential it creates from within. The emotion that music can reveal can allow the listener to transport themselves to a time, place and feeling. Art can do the same. We just have to open our minds’

Stuart McAlpine Miller Collection

December 2021

Wicked Games by Jack Vettriano (Signed Limited Edition Prints)

Wicked Games - A stunning new release fom Jack Vettriano

Wicked Games First shown in 2004 as part of the Affairs of the Heart exhibition. Scottish artist Jack Vettriano is known for his noir-style, erotic paintings of men and women and Wicked Games certainly brushes closely to this side of the artists’ work. Already a complete sell out at publication, buy yours while you still can, we have limited availability - Edition is limited to only 100 copies with 10 artist proofs.

Jack Vettriano Collection


Overloaded with Love by Doug Hyde (Original Art and Limited Edition Prints)

Fabulous new artwork by Doug Hyde

This amazing new limited edition print and sculpture release from Doug Hyde will delight his collectors and fans! Doug’s first ‘rural’ collection represented a new departure in his work, and was an enchanting personal statement from one of the country’s most celebrated artists. The success of the collection has kept on growing, and we are delighted to announce that Doug has made a return to rural with five heart-warming images which tell an enchanting story of love and family, hope and friendship. The new collection also includes something completely different – a vibrant paper edition and sculpture featuring the whole gang out for a drive – showing Doug at his most fun loving and creative.

Doug Hyde Collection


Finlay McMoo by Jennifer Hogwood (Original Art and Limited Edition Prints)

Stunning new images and sculpture from Jennifer Hogwood

Jennifer Hogwood’s highland herd is back for the summer with two new friends. Pink and blue pastels make the perfect backdrop for these peaceful portraits, and Jen’s signature use of jewels as embellishment means each lovable character has a genuine twinkle in their eye. For those who prefer their highland coos in three dimensions they are also available as high impact bronze sculptures which make a stunning centrepiece or a fabulous addition to the image. Jen had also created an irresistible series of new original paintings. Contact us or buy online to place an order..

Jennifer Hogwood Collection


Olga at Home by Fabian Perez (Original and Limited Edition Prints)

Stunning new image from Fabian Perez - Olga at home

We are delighted to present a fabulous stand alone limited edition from Fabian - a classic image featuring Olga, a beautiful woman reclining on a luxurious bed who clearly has a story to tell. This spellbinding image resonates with the authenticity, sensuality and distinctive narrative style that has made Fabian one of the world’s most collectable artists. Contact us to secure your collector’s piece from a contemporary master.

Fabian Perez Collection


New Limited Edition Release from Darryn Eggleton

Striking A Pose - Darryn Eggleton

We are proud to present a striking new collection of statement animal portraiture from outstanding British wildlife artist Darryn Eggleton. The exquisite detail and lifelike quality of each work comes from painstaking research. Darryn collects reference material on field trips into the bush as well as at breeding centres before heading into the studio. His work isolates his chosen subject against a single colour backdrop, so the only hint of their environment is seen through the reflections in their eyes. This almost cinematic effect makes each animal seem to project beyond the plane of the canvas, bringing them into sharp and immediate relief.

Darryn Eggleton Collection

June 2020

Gina Hawkshaw Original Paintings - Tiger Eyes

Gina Hawkshaw original paintings

Incredible new paintings just arrived from Gina Hawkshaw. Capturing the stunning beauty of British and International wildlife in incredible detail. Having enjoyed enormous success painting horses, Gina began to find inspiration in wildlife. We are sure you will enjoy her more recent compositions and are delighted to feature her new striking pieces in the Enid Hutt range.

Gina Hawkshaw Collection

June 2020

Diva by Jack vettriano - A Stunning new Limited Edition Release

Diva by Jack Vettriano

A stunning new release by Jack Vettriano 'Diva'. Due for release on the 12th of June 2020 – The new Signed Limited Edition print is set for sell out status prior to publication with the edition becoming a firm favourite amongst existing and new art collectors.

Jack Vettriano Collection


Doug Hyde - Love and Thanks - A New Release

Doug Hyde - Love and Thanks

Once again Doug has created artwork that reflects the things that life that are most important to us. His new release for summer comprises two pieces with very specific messages . ‘Thank You’ is a stunning sculpture which follows the partner piece of the same name, a tribute to the amazing front line workers who have done so much for all of us, while Love from a Distance is a vibrant paper piece which celebrates the fun and laughter we can enjoy with our friends.

Doug Hyde Collection


Henderson Cisz - A New Release

Henderson Cisz - A New Collection

We are proud to announce two new releases from award-winning artist Henderson Cisz. These highly collectable and powerful statement pieces celebrate three of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities. As Henderson says: “The cities I have chosen to paint in this collection each means something personally to me. Venice stole my heart on my first visit with her breath taking views at every turn; New York was not like anywhere else, just unbelievably stylish, dynamic and sophisticated; London though remains my home, and it always the place I love to come back to! These extraordinary places are more than just cities; they represent a way of life and I am looking forward to visiting them again in the future.”

Henderson Cisz Collection


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