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Paul Horton

Paul Hortons prints, sculptures and artworks are colourful contemporary pieces that take you on a journey. His artworks tell a story with characters, scenes and narrative waiting to be found and interpreted in your own way. The symbolism and nostalgia are intreging and comforting in these appealing creations.

"I work from my imagination as much as possible and having chosen my subject matter I begin to work on the composition, and already have a strong idea in my mind of how the final painting will look."

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About Paul Horton

As a child Paul struggled with illness which drove him towards art as a form of escapism. His artistic skills would be developed through school and life drawing classes at Bournville School of Art; taking on the traditional techniques for realistic depiction.

Bringing Characters to Life

A turning point in Paul Hortons artwork came about after visiting a puppet theatre in the 80's that was closing down. He gained access to the store room as was drawn to the characters and the folklore found in this lost world. These characters have been brought to life in his artwork where they are released of their strings, gain their own personalities and develop into something new.

"The wonderful assortment of characters that appear in my paintings take inspiration from a number of sources including illustration, story books and theatre. There is often a narrative element to be found within my work, people interpret my characters in so many ways."

Paul Horton Prints

Paul Horton's contemporary artwork is said to have a working-class spirit and often features street scenes, landscapes, homes and pets alongside lively characters. Find an exciting array of Paul Horton prints, signed limited editions and bronze sculptures that are sure to please.

"Art is my life, a passion within me. I feel that I am on a journey, a crusade creating new and exciting images, with diverse influences adding a unique and inspired view of the world."

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