sarah jane szikora art

Sarah Jane Szikora

"I love the challenge of finding humour in an ordinary situation. The world today has many artists responding to tragic and desperate events, can we not find the time to smile too?"

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The Enid Hutt gallery has a broad inventory that spans the gamut of contemporary art, with landscapes, figure work and abstracts. Our collection features pieces that communicate to us in many different ways, and through Sarah Jane Szikora art, humour is at the forefront of her work.

Finding the winning formula of candy colours and outrageous characters, Sarah Jane Szikora art takes her influence from one of the main focuses of the human condition: food! Whether you enjoy her fuller figured ladies coveting that amazing cake, or following the story of her gingerbread characters, these pieces are sure to raise a smile.

It's clear that Sarah Jane Szikora's art reflects her own preoccupation with food, and what it does to us. How we're controlled by our appetites and desires are explored in these fabulous paintings. Her subjects are wildly proportioned. The words "buxom" and "curvy" really don't do these women justice. Truly larger than life, these glorious fat ladies are satisfyingly vivacious, tottering on their tiny shoes.

We are also offered an insight into the lives of gingerbread! These are a perfect example of Sarah Jane Szikora's art; quirky, cute and funny, the gingerbread men and women are brilliantly funny, getting up to all sorts and adventures. If you need a piece of art to lighten the mood, Sarah Jane's work delivers! Shop at our gallery for a great selection of paintings and gift items featuring these brilliant works.

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