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Ron Lawson's Scottish landscapes are dramatic and yet serene - beautifully thought provoking. Explore our selection of Ron Lawson prints, signed limited editions and original artworks.

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Scottish Landscape

Ron Lawson grew up on a farm in Scotland and has a love for the wild Scottish landscape that runs deep. He paintings have a peaceful and yet dramatic impact on viewers and they harness the remote beauty of the Scottish landscape.

Texture & Contrast

Often the paintings depict a single cottage, croft or farm building with rich textures, that echo the traditional construction materials such as clay and lime for the walls and straw, heather or similar thatching material for the roof. The sky is then a smooth and vast background space that contrasts the texture of the cottage to make it really stand out in the painting.

Escape into the Scene

These lonely buildings in vast landscapes provide a distinctive image of solitude and escapism that reminds us of remote cottage holidays to get away from it all. Ron Lawson's artworks draw you in and you feel absorbed into their mood and your mind is free to wonder.

Buy Ron Lawson Prints & Originals

Ron Lawson has a distinctive style and has grown in popularity across the globe. His artworks come in many shapes and sizes from long thin paintings that mimic a horizon and would be great for a hallway to larger pieces that would make a wonderful feature in a room.

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