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Original Illustration

We have an inspiring collection of original art here at the Enid Hutt Gallery and we are sure that you will find many pleasing choices. Our collection features a variety of styles and media and right here you will find original illustrations. The artists featured will vary as we are always looking for the best pieces to showcase. Right now we have several pieces by the legendary Billy Connolly whose work has been highly acclaimed.

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Anyone who has ever owned an original work of art will understand the wonderful feeling of satisfaction that such works can bring. It is fabulous and uplifting to know that you possess something unique. Being exposed to the individual creativity of an artist is always a positive experience. Art has the ability to transform the way you think, to lift the spirits and to inspire and this is particularly true of original pieces. Here the colours and textures created by the artist are as they intended and help you to connect with the work.

Buying original art is also a wonderful way to support artists in their endeavours and to ensure that more great pieces are produced for everyone to enjoy. Your chosen piece of original illustration could also prove to be a great financial investment. Not all art appreciates in value but some does and you get the pleasure of having the piece in your home into the bargain.

Famous Artist & Illustrators

Connolly discovered his artistic muse by chance having wandered into an art shop in Canada when out and about on a rainy day. His striking imagery endlessly fascinates and his unique style really draws the eye. This style has been described as Surrealist Automatism but Connolly freely admits that he has no concept of what that is! He draws purely from his imagination to create simple figurative compositions that convey many emotions.

Original illustration is an investment in creativity that brings uniqueness to your home and an uplifting feeling like no other. Owning a piece affords a special opportunity to connect with the work and the artist who made it. It is a highly rewarding experience to be treasured.

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