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"I always work in natural light so there is nothing better than being able to sit outside, despite the cold, with a glass of wine, whiskey or something stronger like Earl Grey Tea with classical music playing in the background."

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Alexander Millar's Inspiration

Inspired by his native town of Springside, and his adopted home of Newcastle, Alexander Millar's paintings depict the shambling shapes of the old "gadgies"; he would see these crumpled characters traveling to and from work, or slightly worse for wear coming back from the pub. From atmosphere laden waiting rooms and railway platforms of his father's workplace, young Alexander grew up with a romantic outlook, developing a sense of nostalgia and enjoyment for these working class subjects.

Memory & Nostalgia

Alexander Millar prints are incredibly emotive, prompting touching memories of families and loved ones that have long since gone, powerfully mixing sadness and humour. The paintings rarely show the faces of the subject; often shown ambling off, hunched shoulders emphasising a wealth of personality, carried by bowed legs. And yet, despite the heavy set shapes painted by Alexander Millar, the prints reflect a real sense of enjoyment, albeit after a couple of drinks, but enjoyment nonetheless.

Incorporating a sense of a quiet alcohol-fueled rebellion, Alexander Millar prints such as King Of The Road is an excellent example. Dancing home from the pub, roadside souvenir placed proudly on the top of his head, this gadgie has obviously had a great night. Other signed limited edition Alexander Miller are also available such as heartwarming pieces like Happy Days, A Bicycle Made For Two and Shooting The Breeze have a lovely innocence. Giving a real feeling of Newcastle, and its industrial face, Alexander Miller brings the industrial look of the city to life. Take The High Road and Home Is Where The Heart Is shows the journey to work, keeping the lifeblood of the community pumping. Each of Millar's pieces reminde us that these characters never truly disappear into the mists of time.

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Open Edition & Signed Limited Edition Prints

'Working Man', the signed limited edition collection comprises six pieces, taken from the ‘Working Man’ museum show; taking place at the Great North Museum: Hancock in spring 2011.

These signed limited editions take us on a deeper journey with the familiar ‘gadgie’ character than perhaps any of Millar’s work to date. In this collection Millar cleverly brings ever more humanity into his paintings, his sensitive depiction of these working men, allows us to connect with them like never before. Their lives and loves, trials and tribulations, hopes and dreams, are laid out before us on canvas.

With scenes of industry so atmospherically portrayed and the souls of these working men so gracefully depicted, this is truly a unique and emotive collection of art.

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