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Ryder believes that knowledge of the artist influences the way we view their work and can detract from it. Ryder feels that our experience of art should not be coloured by what we know of the person who painted it. Each creation should be judged on its own merit and with complete freedom. It is the art which should do the talking. Ryder’s identity is unknown but there is no mystery about the popularity of this enigmatic artist’s work.

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We do not know who contemporary artist Ryder is, where he or she was born, what their influences are or where they live. But we do have a fabulous collection of Ryder’s signed limited edition prints for you to enjoy. Each features Ryder’s imaginative and mystical world which is one of bold colours and striking form. There is something faintly naïve about Ryder’s work and yet the compositions are complex and accomplished. There is an endearing fairytale quality to these pieces which set them apart.

Artists have also been known to use assumed names. Banksy is probably the most notable figure in this regard. The mystery surrounding the street artist garnered valuable attention and has undoubtedly contributed to his (her?) work’s popularity. Few of us can resist a mystery and what could be more fascinating than a mysterious artist whose compositions are enchanted fantasies?

Most creative people attribute their own name to their work but there have been exceptions. Female writers have often assumed male names. In the nineteenth century it was hard for women to find publishers for their work. George Elliot was in fact, Mary Ann Evans and Ellis Bell is now better known as Emily Bronte. The practice is far from a thing of the past. When a publisher pointed out that the fans of young wizards were likely to boys, one Joanne Rowling became J K Rowling.

Our fine collection of Ryder prints are available framed or as boxed canvases, and UK delivery is free when you spend over £150.

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