Avril Paton Art

Avril Paton

"It is a fact that the drive to pursue a particular artistic theme eventually loses its powers. At that point one seeks the energy of a new one. So it was that I came to work on what for want of a better word, I term 'My Abstracts'."

Explore the streets of Scotland's cities with Avril Paton Prints

Representing the human side of city life, Avril Paton encapsulates the energy of people and places. Impeccably detailed, these impressive pieces of work reflect the artist's love for her subject.

The vibrancy of Glasgow is perfectly captured in Avril Paton's art. The city's landmarks make a spectacular backdrop to the collection of characters that inhabit this lively place. The level of detail and depth that is brought to each piece denotes a real enjoyment of this busy world.

Avril's work is popular with those that love paintings that tell a story, and these works take a snapshot of the adventures in everyday city life. The prize found in a busy market, the reuniting of lovers, homes and streets filled with hustle and bustle... all of these provide an inspiration for Avril Paton.

Her works have been purchased by the City of Glasgow due to her faithful depictions of its historic streets and buildings. It's not just the beautiful houses and surroundings that make up the collection. These paintings capture the richness and spirit of Scottish life, and you can read each expression on the faces of the people going about their day to day adventures.

An Avril Paton painting is a perfect slice of life, epitomising the contemporary world around us. Modern people in a modern city, surrounded by a heritage and cultural history. Enjoy these impressive paintings that are full of personality and wit, and order from the Enid Hutt Gallery today.

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