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John Lowrie Morrison adapted the name 'Jolomo' after a Latin lesson, putting together the first two letters of each name. He studied at the Glasgow school of art and also worked designing Norsk rugs, learning colour balance and mixing. After visiting Switzerland, he developed a distinctive expressive style, with blue as his key colour. He works in oil, vigorously applying paint in a carefree manner - almost random.

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Collected Around The Globe

John Lowrie Morrison is arguably Britain's most successful living artist and certainly the most prolific. Known affectionately as Jolomo, Morrison manages to paint a breath-taking 1200 canvases each year but still struggles to keep up with the incredible demand for his work. Patrons from across the globe are falling over themselves to get their hands on his paintings and his celebrity clients include Madonna, Sting and Rick Stein.

About Jolomo

Morrison was born in 1948 in Mayhill Glasgow. He developed a passion for art at an early age when he would copy chocolate box images brought home by his mother. His instantly recognisable, individual style emerged whilst attending the Glasgow School of Art where he began to paint Scottish landscapes in an expressionist style influenced by Chagall and Soutine. Before moving to landscapes Morrison painted many figures but his work now expresses man's effect on the natural landscape and is crafted to inspire an emotional response rather than to depict mankind.

Popular Contemporary Artist

Whilst Morrison's work has somewhat divided the opinions of art critics there is no denying his enormous commercial success. Far from detracting from his popularity, his enormous output appears to be the very secret of his popularity. There is an immediacy and vivacity to his work which a more deliberate approach could quite easily stifle. His landscapes and seascapes capture the moment yet have a timeless quality and are characterised by dark skies and the half-light of dawn or dusk juxtaposed with broad, bright splashes of colour.

Scottish Landscapes

He uses the rugged scenery of the Scottish Highlands, adding in villages and inlets. The wonderful energy and vibrancy in these John Lowrie Morrison prints is thanks to the extraordinary use of bold paints, particularly the blue colour. This gives a certain intensity to each of his paintings, encouraging us to experience the landscape whilst we look at it.

Jolomo still both lives and works in Scotland and is clearly in love with his homeland. He has a particular fascination with Scottish crofts which feature prominently in many of his works and which he brings vividly to life. His bright colours are reminiscent of the Mediterranean and yet the pictures manage to capture the spirit of Scotland, albeit in a unique style with a bold and brash feel. Perhaps his ability to capture the essence of a location stems from his meticulous research. He paints quickly but before putting brush to canvas he explores the geology, topography and history of the region and it is the details he discovers which form the foundation of each piece.

John Lowrie Morrison Prints

Popular with locals, international collectors and celebrities alike, the work of John Lowrie Morrison is striking, memorable, contemporary and yet timeless. At the Enid Hutt Gallery we are delighted to feature an exciting collection of open edition lithograph Jolomo prints and stunning hand embellished limited edition signed canvases which we are sure you will greatly enjoy as a feature of your home.

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