Richard Blunt Print - couple walking on beach at sunset

Richard Blunt

We are pleased to introduce you to the striking and captivating work of British artist, Richard Blunt. The stunning collection of signed limited edition Richard Brunt prints is certainly worth exploring. Creating a unified group but equally dramatic as individual works, the prints would grace any home.

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Creative Childhood

Born in Stourbridge in the West Midlands, Richard Blunt enjoyed a happy childhood and loved the great outdoors. When indoors, he always enjoyed creative pursuits, especially art. His love of art persisted and after leaving school he attended art college where he studied 3D design. But having left the college without a qualification, his life took a turn for the worse.

Rediscovering Art

Finding himself in a strange town, homeless and without any friends, Richard hit rock bottom but rediscovered his creativity. He dabbled in music before returning to education. He chose to study music at University but began painting again. When he started dabbling with oils he was soon hooked and his life took a new direction.

Realism & Emotion

Inspired by Vermeer, John William Waterhouse and in particular Caravaggio, Richard is fascinated by their use of light, sense of realism and ability to capture the emotion, movement and drama of a scene. Consequently, Richard attempts to tell a story in each of his compositions and to convey all of the attending emotion and drama in a single snapshot. He brilliantly creates a movie-like scene in a static piece.

Distinctive Style

Also inspired by his own experiences, Richard Blunt’s work has gradually evolved and themes of love and happiness have started to come to the fore. He has sold his artwork both in independent galleries and privately, while developing the distinctive style and technique that he exhibits today.

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