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Peter Howson's powerful figurative works cover a range of themes from religious icons to scenes of war. He is one of the worlds most collected living artists and his works are favoured by many celebrities and displayed in galleries all over the world.

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Leading Figurative Artist

Peter Howson has a distinctive look that uses an almost caricatured style to the human forms. Exaggerated positions, muscular forms and facial expressions convey instense feelings and raw emotions. Peter has become on of our leading figurative artists and provides a penetrating insight into our human nature. His art is described by Robert Heller as "founded in Humanity, especially the human face". Many of Peter's works feature over sized or distored features such as bulbous eyes, crooked noses, wrinkles brows all of which make his work more captivating.

Glasgow & Troubled Past

Peter is a Scottish artist, born in 1958 in London to Scottish parents and grew up in Glasgow. He studied at Glasgow School of Art between 1975 - 77, completed his Masters Degree in 1979 and later taught there part time. The Glasgow streets and people that occupy them have played a big part in inspiring Peter's artwork. Howson identifies with the 'down-and-outs' having previously been had a troubled period in his life as an alcoholic and drug addict. However he sees these people as 'real' and 'nearer to salvation than the suburban Middle Class'.

British War Artist to OBE

In 1992 Howson was commissioned to record the conflict in the former Yugoslavia by the Imperial War Museum. He was then made the official British war artist for Bosnia in 1993. He has since had many exhibitions and major shows across the globe and many keen collectors seek his artworks. The BBC even made a documentary about him and he has received an OBE in 2009 for services to the visual arts.

Peter Howson Prints

Peter Howson's artwork has developed through the personal struggles and the experiences of war which have inspired many of his pieces. He found Christianity in 2000 which seems to have allowed his artwork to take another turn in it's journey. Among our collection of Peter Howson prints you'll find thought provoking contemporary religous works of Jesus Christ, Saints, the Crucificion, the Last Supper and scenes of Hell alondside - all with the distinctive Howson look.

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