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Paul Kenton

"I work from my imagination as much as possible and having chosen my subject matter I begin to work on the composition, and already have a strong idea in my mind of how the final painting will look."

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Fall into the busy streets of London with Paul Kenton art. Drawing from the very essence of the streets of London, Paul Kenton art captures the exhilaration of one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Art played a part through Paul Kenton's formative years, developing this passion as a teenager. While his peers were drawn towards more formal careers, Kenton could not shake off the need to express himself though his art work. As a keen surfer he began to travel the world, and this provided the real spark in his interest.

These new sites and experiences inspired Paul Kenton's art to reflect the vistas that opened up before him. Never forgetting his love for the sea, he also began to develop work based on cityscapes, concentrating on busy streets, cafes and landmarks. Over the last decade, Paul Kenton's style has become very much his own.

Perhaps because of his Bachelor in Engineering, the buildings in Paul Kenton art have a real sense of weight and depth. Although it is almost as though he is rallying against his training as a draughtsman, as his art shifts importance from the tiny details. Instead, the energy of the scene is captured, the frenetic pace of the city is replicated in a collection of shapes.

Kenton gets his results by diving straight into the piece, without sketching on the canvas first. Starting with broad brush strokes to outline key areas and buildings, and over time the image is built up. Before the piece becomes over-worked, he stops, avoiding fussy detail and too much complexity.

These incredible items of Paul Kenton art show a free and easy portrayal of city life, while staying true to its very energy. The perfect thing for anyone that enjoys those great, mad days out in the metropolis.

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