limited edition photographic print of footballer pele - bicycle lick

Limited Edition Photographic Prints

At the Enid Hutt Gallery, we have a rich and rewarding selection of limited edition photographic prints. Featuring iconic and era defining figures of sport and culture alongside landscapes and architectural landmarks, this collection of photographical signed prints offers an impressive choice. Whether you are looking for that captured moment in history or deeply evocative pieces, all the photographic prints are of a striking quality.

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Limited Edition Sporting Photographic Prints

The range of sporting photographic prints includes famous faces such as Pele and George Best. The limited edition photographic prints of Pele, shows the man both on and off the pitch. Whether it is celebrating with his team after a match, celebrating after a goal, or in full flow striking a deadly bicycle kick, these photographic prints really do capture the essence of the most legendary of football players. Off pitch you can also see him in one of the signed prints sharing a movingly joyous moment with another footballing hero in George Best.

Limited Edition Musician Photographic Prints

Another towering figure of the second half of the twentieth century is Merseyside’s own George Harrison. Here at the Enid Hutt Gallery we are lucky enough to have a limited edition signed photographic print of the musician himself, something which represents a deeply valuable relic of modern popular culture. These limited editions would make ideal gifts for music fans.

And More...

Also available are beautiful photographic prints of landscapes and architectural landmarks including Ken Paterson’s atmospheric photographs of the Forth Rail Bridge both in deep snow and by night. If you are looking for a print that showcases the genre of photography and the passionate or moving effects that can be achieved, then explore our range of limited editions to find the perfect artwork for you.

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