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Paul James

Our selection of Paul James prints offers some stunning animal and landscape contemporary artworks. His realist style is exceptional in it's detail and combined with original compositions makes his artwork a joy to view.

"Each painting for me is an emotional experience and I expend a great deal of energy and a fair amount of aggression with each piece. It is almost like a battle of wills as I try to impose myself upon the canvas."

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Paul has perfected a wonderful intricate style of painting with fine detail, which means that his works take time. He paints in acrylics either on canvas or board and uses his own photographic reference material.

Paul James is also a musician and plays both the organ and piano. The haunting beauty of the nearby Charnwood Forest has influenced his early work of atmopheric landscapes and animal paintings.

Paul James prints are available as signed limited editions. His latest artwork now include more humour - although he still works on stunning landscape art, his 'urban' animal work has taken the world by storm. The work has a more contemporary edge, exploring perspectives and giving animals 'attitude'.

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