Jean Picton original art

Jean Picton

Here at the Enid Hutt Gallery we have a beautiful selection of Jean Picton originals. From being a Windmill Girl back in the 50's in the West End of London, to having a career on television both in the UK and the US, Jean Picton's move into the world of art is now another great success to her rich and vibrant career. After graduating from her Fine Art degree in 2002, Jean Picton's work has now become become international, selling across the globe.

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Painterly Flowers

Although flowers are clearly central to her project, Picton has said of her artwork that she is more interested in exploring the processes of painting than simply portraying the subjects on which the paintings focus. It is this self-reflexive expressing of an artistic vision through skill and technique itself, and the resultant transformation of medium into message, affect into effect, that has seen Picton develop her own style through a number of different phases in her long career.

Colourful Mixed Media Artwork

In the original Jean Picton art which we have here, you will see mixed media and acrylic methods being used in this continuation of her experiments with form. In particular, the intense flurries of colours in Picton's latest work here takes inspiration from the vital explosions of colours which captured her imagination when travelling through India. The colours in each piece relate to one another in a way which creates a distinct feeling of movement on the canvas.

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