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Picture Framing Accessories

We stock a variety of excellent picture framing accessories and essentials that will help to finish off an artwork neatly in it's chosen frame and hang it securely in position. Find kraft tapes and masking tapes in a variety of sizes, alongside professional quality glass cleaner for a sparkling finish. There are also plenty of framing hardware items such as mirror plates, hooks, D-rings, canvas hangers, together with picture wire and cord for a variety of weights.

Buy Framing Hardware, Tapes, Wire & More Hanging Accessories

Why Frame Artwork?

When it is done correctly, framing provides a stable environment for your piece of art to live in. This means that the material will react less to changes in temperature and humidity. In addition, a good quality framing job will mean that UV levels are also kept to a safe level. So, framing really is what's best for the artwork itself. We also think that it is the best way to present your artwork in terms of appearance. But it is not all about the frame itself. There are lots of handy picture framing accessories which make the job easier, many of which are small but no less important because of their size.

Stock Up on Framing Accessories

This is the place to come to whenever you need to stock up on some framing accessories. You might need some specific accessory, or you might just want to keep your store well stocked. Stocking up on these accessories means that you know you have what you need for any new framing. You never know when an artwork of beauty will call out to you to be hung up in your home!

Framing Wire & Cord

Take your pick from our picture hanging wires. You will be able to select rolls of wire with different lengths and even of different strengths. This wire is soft and flexible so that it will be easy to manipulate, but it will crucially have that hardiness that is required. The other great thing is that these wires have been designed not only to be sturdy and reliable, but also to be visually understated. This means that they don't draw focus from the artwork.

Picture Frame Hangers & Heavy Duty Options

With these frame hangers and hardware, you can feel confident that they have been crafted so that they will hold your framed artwork firmly and securely for as long as you need them to. Made from strong metal and shaped for efficiency and sturdiness, you will be able to trust that these hangers will do the job.

If you have a particularly heavy painting or picture frame and canvas which you need to make sure is going to be safe up on the wall, then our heavy-duty hangers will be just what you need. With these handy, compact accessories, you will be able to hang pictures of weights up to around 150kg safely on the wall.

Framing Tapes

Effective picture framing tape needs to be malleable, so that it can easily be shaped around the frame and the backing board. In terms of the adhesive quality, the main difference between these specialty tapes and the kind of tapes that you might use for other jobs day to day is that these framing tapes are less likely to dry up over time.

Need a Framing Service?

We offer framing services for both residential and commercial spaces too. So whether you have one special item that you would like framed for your home, or if you are a business and require artwork to be sourced, framed and installed, feel free to contact us to find out more from our friendly team. Or you can read more about our custom picture framing service and our commercial picture framing alongside viewing some examples of our portfolio for businesses.

2 Inch Cream Masking Tape 2 Inch Cream Masking Tape
21 in stock
75mm/3 Inch Adhesive Kraft Tape 75mm/3 Inch Adhesive Kraft Tape
Available to order
Bohle Professional Glass Cleaner Bohle Professional Glass Cleaner
Available to order
660ml - Professional stength glass cleaner which we use ourselves. Does not streak and is great for cleaning any glass or mirror. This Professional Glass Cleaner is ideal for windows, mirrors, car windows and other glass surfaces. 1. Prevents smudging 2. No straks 3. In spray bottle with no propellant 4. Environmentally sound (a biologically degradable product). Directions: Shake well before use.…
Single D Rings - Brass (4 Rings, 4 Screws) Single D Rings - Brass (4 Rings, 4 Screws)
Available to order
Single D Rings - Brass (4 Rings, 4 Screws)
Takiya Heavy Duty Adjustable Hook Takiya Heavy Duty Adjustable Hook
Out of stock
Unique in design, the Link Hook fits onto a Takiya wall hook and hooks into any Takiya D-ring on the back of the frame It lets the top of the frame come forward. It also allows frames where the canvas on stretchers is deeper than the frame moulding to hang correctly. Used in pairs, the knurled adjusters allow the frame to be raised and lowered, and levelled. It fits all Takiya Wall Hooks and D-rin…
Takiya Heavy Duty D-Rings for Frames (Upto 150Kg Load) Takiya Heavy Duty D-Rings for Frames (Upto 150Kg Load)
Out of stock
The strongest D Ring hanger to fit to a frame and take up to 150kg if correctly installed Takiya D-Ring Hangers on a frame can be hung directly onto Takiya Wall Hooks. For extra flexibility and to adjust the level of the frame use the Adjustable Link 7429. Manufacturer reference: FHT-125. Made in Japan 125mm tall, 40mm wide, with ten holes for screws Supplied in packs of 2 7424 Takiya Heavy-duty D…
Takiya Heavy Duty Security Collar 20mm 2 pack Takiya Heavy Duty Security Collar 20mm 2 pack
Out of stock
TAKIYA Security Collars each match a Wall Hook. When fitted they minimise the risk of the frame coming off the hook - accidently or deliberately Security Collars drop onto the matching Wall Hook and are locked with the special long hex key. Manufacturer reference: FH0-100S. Made in Japan 20mm o/d, with 1.5mm hex-screw. Use special long hex driver, 7182 Supplied in packs of 2 7179 Takiya Security C…
Takiya Heavy Duty Wall Hook (Upto 150Kg Load) 2 Pack Takiya Heavy Duty Wall Hook (Upto 150Kg Load) 2 Pack
Out of stock
This is one of the strongest wall hooks in the Takiya range. If correctly fixed to the wall with suitable screws it will take a load up to 150kg Takiya D-Rings on a frame can be hung directly on Takiya Wall Hooks. For extra flexibility and to adjust the level of the frame use the Adjustable Link. Manufacturer reference: FH0-100. Made in Japan 100mm tall, with hook projecting by 20mm. Six slotted h…


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