David Finney Art - Falcon original acrylic painting

David Finney

There are some gorgeous examples of David Finney art here for you to explore. Based in Cheshire, David Finney has had a lifelong relationship with art and nature. His chosen tools for artistic expression were given to him on his 15th birthday: acrylic paints. He made it then his mission to master this form, and it now shows that this is exactly what he was able to do.

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The Natural World

What might also become clear as you enjoy the scenes so subtly and yet strikingly conjured by his paint brush, is that David takes great inspiration from the natural world around us. A renowned name in the wildlife illustration world, he has become supremely adept at rendering the smallest details of all sorts of variations of colourful birds.

Passion for Wildlife

His paintings seem to capture the essence of the birds which he focuses on. Developing a personal connection with the world which he artistically represents, David has a great passion for wildlife photography too, and this is where his creations stem from.

Stunning David Finney Original Artwork

It is easy to see why David Finney artwork has been used on hundreds of greeting card designs. Here though you get the original creations, stunning in their range of colours and fascinatingly rich in dynamism and character. Selecting one of these stunning originals for your own collection will be a fabulous addition to any space.

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