Abstract prints & posters

Abstract Prints & Posters

At the Enid Hutt Gallery we have an interesting collection of abstract prints for you to explore. Prints are an affordable way to enjoy art and can provide a useful introduction to the work of talented artists that you may not have discovered before. Our collection currently features works by Elli Milan, John Milan, Chris Scott, Patrick St Germain, Candice Alford, Celeste Peters, Laurie Maitland and Gabriella Benevolenza.

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John and Elli Milan

John and Elli are well established artists who have exhibited worldwide. They met as teenagers in Hawaii and resolved to pursue their love of art. They both studied painting at the University of Georgia and subsequently produced works both individually and in collaboration. They have been inspired by their travels to Greece where they enjoy the juxtaposition of contemporary architecture with ancient buildings which they see as a metaphor for human transformation and the complexities of life. Their work explores these complexities in spontaneous, bright and playful pieces with hints of narrative.

Patrick St Germain

Patrick graduated from Concordia University in Montreal with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. His paintings are principally urban abstract pieces which have been inspired by the work of Jean Michel Basquiat. Patrick is a versatile artist who enjoys adventuring in the great outdoors. He has backpacked and undertaken climbing expeditions in various Canadian national parks and these expeditions have provided great inspiration for his work.

Laurie Maitland

Laurie is a British artist who grew up in the Cotswolds but later moved to London. After graduating from Kingston University she went into teaching whilst painting for pleasure. She began to exhibit her work and sold pieces through several galleries. She went on to establish three galleries of her own but later sold her businesses to concentrate on her art. She now lives in Devon and her work is influenced by her love of nature and interior design. She is an innovative artists whose work is now highly collectable.

Gabriella Benevolenza

Born in Helsinki, Gabriella now lives and works in France. In her mesmerising paintings Gabriella reinvents reality, drawing the viewer into the works which have a dreamlike quality. We are pulled towards indistinct structures on distant horizons and the earth and sky seem to reflect each other in turn. There is a serenity to each abstract print which is very appealing and she exhibits a fascinating use of colour and shade.

Celeste Peters

Celeste was born in Conyers, Georgia and began painting at an early age. She later graduated from the University of Georgia and then pursued her dream of travelling in Europe. Her painting career began on her return and her work was partly inspired by her adventures in Europe. Her painting is characterised by a striking fusion of colour and texture and she produces both abstract and floral pieces that make wonderful prints.

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