Kimberley Harris prints

Kimberley Harris

At the Enid Hutt Gallery, we have a selection of sublime Kimberly Harris prints, produced by an oil landscape artist with an exceptional talent for capturing the natural beauty of the countryside. The essences evoked within Kimberly Harris' artworks, which are alive and bursting with colour at the same time as they present a profound stillness and calm, are of supreme beauty.

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Countryside Inspiration

Living in Suffolk, Kimberley Harris’ work often takes inspiration from the surrounding countryside scenery. Regarding this inspiration, she has said: "Nature will always be close to me as the most wonderful subject. Growing up in a very rural location I have great memories of walking the dog in the months of summer as dusk falls and the sky is a palette of pink hues. Light and shadows play a massive part in my pieces.'

Exploration of Light

Over the years of artistic development, Harris's passion for the exploration of the liminal zones between night and day. The transformation of landscapes within this suspended zone between the light and the dark has led to her producing artwork that represents fascinating tensions which problematise simple dualism. This is achieved through careful processes of layering, blending, and palette knife work which all ensures that the textures, tone and light might present a shifting, complex space.

Signed Limited Edition Kimberley Harris Prints

Harris has sold paintings all over the UK, as well as in USA and Australia, and we are pleased to be able to present some of her exquisite limited edition signed and framed prints here at the Enid Hutt Gallery.

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