Gillian McDonald

Gillian's brooding landscapes are rich in atmosphere, evoking a sense of isolation and solitude.

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Capturing the spirit of the Scottish Highlands and British Isles, Gillian McDonald prints from the Enid Hutt Gallery are rich with atmosphere. You'll adore the sheer beauty of these works.

Originally studying art in London, Gillian McDonald found an affinity with watercolours while living in Indonesia. Enjoying the colours and forms that opened up to her, she began to develop a very original style. Returning to Britain, and living in Wales from around the mid eighties, McDonald has honed her craft to an extraordinary degree. She has developed this magnificent talent for reproducing the natural beauty of the craggy cliffs and sun dappled clouds, showing the romanticism of the subject.

By looking at Gillian McDonald prints, you can see why she has become one an extremely popular artists, out selling many of her contemporary's prints. There's a satisfying feeling of isolation in these paintings, and you can feel yourself being drawn into the glens and mountainsides and across the lochs. The light that plays throughout Gillian McDonald prints is mesmerising, and even the greys of a rain shower have a scintillating and magical quality.

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