street urchin child holding gun outside houses - craig everett artwork

Craig Everett

The Enid Hutt Gallery is proud to be able to present some stunning Craig Everett originals and artworks. This is art which is poised excitingly on a precarious knife edge between a fragile, glowing innocence, and a more menacing yet beautiful darkness.

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Self Taught Artist

Born in 1969, Craig Everett is a self taught artist who was raised on a council estate in the West Yorkshire town of Bradford, an area of the world in which he has lived and worked to this day. After leaving school, he was drawn in the mid to late eighties to the world of print and graphic design, leading to his first print release in 1992.

Distinctive Style

Twenty years of artistic development has seen Craig Everett cultivate a distinctive style which never over-complicates but which nevertheless captivates. His work uses the avatars of various scruffy street urchin figures and situates them in a context which, as if through the haze of memory, evokes his own past through dreamlike allusions to certain reference points of mid 80’s and 90’s culture.

Exhibited Across the Globe

Making use of broad and even commercialised concepts only then to take them into new and unsettling territories, Craig Everett’s art is able both to harness the universality of well-recognised scenes and tropes whilst offering something which itself seems entirely new. It is for this reason that his work has been exhibited in galleries across the globe, from London to Japan and more recently in Los Angeles alongside world renowned street and urban artists.

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