Ruby Keller Art

Ruby Keller

We are delighted to be able to showcase the atmospheric and characterful artwork of the outstanding Ruby Keller. The endearing subjects of these striking Ruby Keller originals possess amazing charm. The highland cattle have a whimsical and yet natural feel and their personalities truly shine through.

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Ruby Keller is actually a pseudonym adopted by celebrated British artist Peter Worswick in 2010. A change of style and direction prompted Worswick to turn to a new moniker. Peter has always challenged himself by working in different styles and employing new techniques. He likes to push the boundaries and believes that art is a creative exploration. An artist’s work should remain fresh and evolve as he strives for improvement.

Worswick was born in 1960 and grew up in a small Lancashire town. He studied art and design before travelling around Europe. He lived in Paris for three years and then returned to England and settled in Cumbria. He has continuously explored new styles and subject matter to refine his technique and interpretive skills.

Peter Worswick is an award winning artist who has exhibited at Kensington Palace and the Tate Gallery. His figurative and landscape paintings are highly regarded and many of his originals have found homes in prestigious private collections.

You now have the opportunity to acquire Ruby Keller originals in acrylic. These fine works would certainly grace any collection and provide an outstanding feature for any home. Characterful, atmospheric and endearing, Ruby Keller’s highland cattle are garnering a popular following. It isn’t difficult to see why!

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