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Alex Ross

Alex Ross is a well respected American comic book artist and writer who has created some stunning works for comics such as Marvel and DC Comics. Alex Ross' artwork depicts superheroes and villains with a realistic style and incredible detail that has captured many peoples imagination. You can now have your own Alex Ross artwork with these signed limited edition prints that would make a wonderful statement piece in your collection.

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Alex Ross was born in 1970 in Oregon and was raised in Texas by his artist mother and minister father. His father played a key role in teaching the young Alex about morals and could have been seen as a real life hero due to his charity work and helping out at shelters. Alex was creative throughout his childhood and went onto study at the American Academy of Art in Chicago where his mother had also attended.

During Alex's time at the Academy he studied fine art and painting which allowed him to develop painterly skills and explore other artists work. While at college Alex found he started to combine painting and his love of comics to create his own painted comic books. He has a number of influencers from artists such as Salvador Dali to illustrators like Normal Rockwell and comic book illustrators such as George Perez and Berni Wrightson.

Following graduation, Alex Ross began working at an advertising agency but he had already been spotted by the editor of Marvel Comics and been asked to collaborate on a new story. The graphic novel Marvels launched Alex into the spot light and people could see he had a passion for the subject and could bring the characters to life through his artworks.

Since then Alex Ross has become a well known comic book artist and has produced amazing work for a large variety of companies. Here at Enid Hutt we have a selection of signed limited edition Alex Ross prints that have a powerful impact. How about a Batman amongst the gargoyles or Superman flying through the air? Framing is also available for these signed prints so they can be ready to hang or present as a wonderful gift for a fan of comics.

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