Janet Richardson Baughman

Janet Richardson Baughman originals have a style that is able to mimic the effect of the eye’s vision. Not a clear, camera-crisp rendering of the natural world, Janet Richardson Baughman’s art instead views the beautiful scenes of the natural world in a similar fashion to a human viewing it, with distant hills becoming hazy in the sun and distant trees seeming ever so slightly to drift into each other.

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Talented Artist

With a life that, over different passages, has been spent both honing her own craft and teaching art, art history and other related subjects, Janet Richardson Baughman has grown into becoming a committed, experienced and talented painter, not to mention a great ceramic artist too. With a life now that is spent in an idyllic rural setting with her husband in their house on a small horse farm, she has plenty of inspiration from the beautiful surroundings for her artwork.

Subtle & Elegant Artwork

This inspiration comes through in her glorious pieces of artwork. Gorgeously subtle, understated and elegant in colour, Janet Richardson Baughman artwork nevertheless brims with the urgent energy of pure, untouched nature at its finest.

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