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Nuala Mulligan

nuala mulligan

Nuala Mulligan's artwork is centred on her passion for photography, as well as a deep understanding of the dynamic between the gaze of the figure and the photographer's camera. Although she works with photographs taken by others, it is this understanding of the workings of photographic art that means she is able to weave her own creative vision into already iconic images so successfully. She does this in a way which heightens the storytelling capability of photography, creating with her colourful manipulations stylistic heroes and heroines, showing figures of the past in a new light through fresh and powerful block colouring.

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Colourful Manipulations

Nuala Mulligan studied Fine Art Mixed Media at the University of Westminster, where she learned much about the way in which materials can be manipulated to enhance images and take them into interesting new visual territories. Choosing captivating images and then working with them to draw out their beauty, her work has always had wide appeal for its enigmatic and striking qualities. Hiding certain sections of images in the dark, and highlighting others in the light, she reframes these figures, before choosing how else to play with them, overlaying colours once the image is printed.

Creative Reworking of Images

After Nuala adds colours to her printed images, she then adds finishing touches, such as her characteristic black gloss effect, as well as sometimes finishing with diamond dust. Her skills with screen printing, manipulation of materials, and use of blocks of colour means that she is able to create something with a solid feel. The nebulous image becomes something of a heavier and more impactful substance.

Communication With Wide Audiences

Perhaps the reason why Nuala Mulligan's art is so appealing to the eye is because she is always thinking about the viewer. Nuala is an artist who sees art as a dialogue between the work and the viewer. It is this valuing of the act of communication written into artistic practices which means that her collections and individual pieces always have an impressive clarity. As well as being celebrations of humanity through their dramatic presentation of iconic figures, they also exists as commentaries on the way in which culture and art operates to both create and critique icons of the modern age.

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