Christian Gaillard Limited Edition Prints

Christian Gaillard

Stunning, realistic portraits with elaborate detailing - rich and seductive artworks by French artist Christian Gaillard.

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Christian Gaillard's paintings have an exquisite attention to detail and often depict bullfighters in their glorious outfits. The artwork treads the line of hyper-realism and includes intricate brushwork to show the embroidery that covers the clothing of each bullfighter. Christian is skilled at capturing the softness of the material and the qualities of both fabric and skin.

The composition of these fabulous artworks tends to be a cropped view of the subject with their back turned which makes the portrait less about the specific person and more about the stance, the clothing and gives the work a sense of mystery.

Christian Gaillard was born in Avignon, France in 1951 and now works and lives in Paris. His artworks have been exhibited in Paris, Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong and he is well know all over the world and particularly loved in Mexico, United States, Spain and Hong Kong.

Here at the Enid Hutt Gallery we have a selection of stunning limited edition prints signed by Christian Gaillard. If you adore the incredible detail, life like appearance and passionate subject then these Christian Gaillard artworks are perfect additions to your collection.

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