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Trina Bohan

Trina Bohan Original Paintings

Trina Bohan is originally from New Zealand but now lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her focus is landscape, and her paintings never fail to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural word at its most powerful. To achieve her breathtaking visual effects, she uses a number of different techniques and materials, drawing from mixed media, large canvases and paper work. Taking inspiration from her Scottish natural surroundings, she also feeds into her creative practice memories of natural landscapes from her time in New Zealand and from her travels around the world.

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Captivating Original Landscape Paintings

Her work feels like the fresh embrace of nature. To look at a piece of Trina Bohan artwork is to be swept into the heart of the highlands. The swirls of colour and texture as sea, land or lake meets sky call to mind the large scale romantic evocations of William Turner. Like Turner, Trina's work is highly expressive and dynamic. Her pieces of landscape art are able to summon up feelings of deep power and calm at once. Looking into these detailed worlds is necessarily a meditative experience, bringing the mind and soul into connection with the earth. In this way, her art provides a similar experience to that which you would have when wandering through the locations that have inspired the paintings.

Ethereal Light that Draws You In

Light is always a key focus of Trina's art. She is interested in how ethereal light plays through moving clouds and mists. It is very often in the hills and lochs of the highlands that she takes direct inspiration for this kind of light. These swirling pools of light in the air are translated with great skill and poise onto the canvas. Often in her pieces of art you will see a glimmer of silver or gold as the land and the sky come into conversation via reflections on the surface of pools of water, lakes or wetlands. We are very happy to be able to present to you a number of Trina Bohan originals. These also have been signed by the artist herself so that they have that extra mark of authenticity which connects the dreamlike work to the one who has conjured it.

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