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Fabian Perez is a contemporary artist who doesn't want to categorise his art as a certain 'style'. He prefers not to limit himself; his work is uniquely expressive, bringing to the surface his powerful romantic emotions - this comes across very strongly in all Fabian Perez prints.

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Unusual Upbringing

Fabian Perez was born in 1967 and his talent was apparent from the age of 9, when he would produce portraits of family and friends. Perez' father led an unconventional life, owning a number of brothels and illegal nightclubs in Campana, Argentina. Therefore, during his childhood, Perez was exposed to many interesting characters in a world of elegant and glamorous tango dancers, flamenco guitarists and gypsy musicians. This is where he draws much of his inspiration for his work and produces paintings with a seductive and intoxicating tone.

Fabian Perez lost his mother when he was 16, and his father when he was 19, leaving him wandering aimlessly through a confused life until he found an anchor, Japanese karate master Sensei Oscar Higa, to guide him as a teacher and friend. Fabian travelled with Oscar to Italy where his artist career began. He would spent his time painting and teaching karate.

Inspiration from Around the World

Between 1987 and the present date, Fabian Perez has been embarking on a journey of inspiration around the world, picking up creative influence from places such as Padova, near Venice and Okinawa, Japan. However, his real success came in 2001 when two art publishers visited an exhibition of Fabian's art, and formed a partnership to promote his art and progress his career.

Fabian Perez prints and originals capture a mix of emotions and moods. His paintings are dark because he wishes to convey an idea or a hint rather any provide every detail. Fabian sees his paintings as a way invite people in, to communication with them. In a similar way to flamenco music, his work has complex rhythms throught the compositions, the figures, the colours and the techniques.

Signed Limited Edition Prints & Originals

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