John Russell landscape art of lake, mountains and sailing boats

John Russell

Feast your eyes upon this sublime collection of John Russell landscapes and you will be sure to be impressed by their hypnotic quality. John Russell is a superb contemporary artist and his work is deeply powerful. At once highly stylised and routed in the tradition of natural landscape painting, Russell’s art is distinctive and always gives pause for reflection.

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Bold Striking Landscapes

With a dark, brooding skyline that sets the scene for a more clearly lit foreground, Russell’s approach to landscape painting has its own impressive and moving character. His artwork seems to bring together contemporary and traditional styles. Bold and strikingly bright colours imbue the paintings with an ecstatic feel. The dark backgrounds in the distance heighten the stark beauty of the overall effect.

Inspired by British Landscapes

It should be of no surprise that John Russell takes influence in his works from Yorkshire farms, Highland crofts, Lakeland cottages and Cornish mines. These ruggedly beautiful landscapes are worked into the art which Russell produces and reimagined in the most scintillating of ways.

Calm Yet Powerful Artwork

If you are an appreciator of artists who are able to strike a balance between total calm, underlying menace and awesome power, then the works of John Russell will certainly offer you a new and intriguing world to explore.

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