richard rowan artist prints - milkyway in night sky with pine trees

Richard Rowan

"Landscapes and skies are constantly changing, giving a constant flow of inspiration which I enjoy exploring. I love being able to capture a moment in time."

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Richard Rowan was born in Northampton from a design and fine art background. He trained as an artist but found the artist life difficult, so took to a career in the motorsport industry.

During these 5 years seeing the world, he was always sketching cars and scenery during spare moments. Richard Rowan takes inspiration from the great outdoors, sketching the countryside and taking digital images. He then uses those images to transport himself back to his thoughts and plan a design of the picture to develop on glass.

Richard Rowan has painted on glass for the last 7 years, devoting all of his time to it, using a unique style of oil painting.

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