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Ellie Mulhern

Ellie Mulhern is based in Scotland and creates enchanting landscapes that capture the beauty of the hills, coastline and the Aurora (Northern Lights). Ellie's alluring artwork has both realistic and dreamlike qualities and are available as signed limited editions.

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Ellie Mulhern specialises in painting with oils and her landscapes feature fine detail together with an expanse of sky. Find star filled skies, colourful tinted clouds on the horizon, spectacular displays of the Aurora and reflections in the water. The exquisite use of colour, dark and light enhances the ethereal atmosphere within Ellie's work and draws the eye to the horizon line where sky meets land.

The natural light display of the Aurora Borealis (also called Polar Light or Northern Lights) is more often seen in northern countries such as Norway, Finland, Russia, Alaska but sometimes we can be lucky enough to see it from Scotland too. This mysterious display of light that appears to dance across the sky in a variety of colours is something many people are dazzled and fascinated by. Now you can have your very own Aurora for your collection.

We are pleased to offer a selection of Ellie Mulhern prints available as signed limited editions on canvas. These dramatic artworks come with a certificate of authenticity and free delivery when you spend over £150.

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