Emma Grzonkowski Art

Emma Grzonkowski

Even as a young child Emma Grzonkowski dreamt of being an artist. She would spend her hours sketching but became frustrated when she couldn't translate the images that her fertile imagination was conjuring into her drawings. She was prone to inhabiting her own fantasy world which she would attempt to recreate in her creative work. She was keen to do her imagination justice and so her father began to help her in her artistic endeavours.

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Both at home and at school Emma worked hard to improve her technique and to develop a style that would enable her to reflect the images in her mind. She went on to Study Fine Art and Graphic Design at the University of Chester. She thrived in an environment where she could experiment and began to push the limits of her artistic technique. She was going from strength to strength until a very close friend was killed in an accident. Emma was knocked back by this tragedy but when she found the will to continue with her work, painting became therapeutic. Perhaps because she could control her art and it could not be snatched away from her as her friend had been, she started to work with renewed passion and developed an expressive and raw style laying down her compositions as a stream of consciousness.

Following her graduation she immediately secured exhibition space at a local gallery and displayed her portrait work. Her pieces were an instant hit as people literally stopped to stare at her bold and vivid compositions which projected passion through bright colours and seemingly careless brushstrokes. Emma Grzonkowski is a rising star in the world of contemporary art. Her work reflects poignant themes and is crafted following periods of reflection. Each work is a complex portrayal of raw emotion that is summoned from a fertile imagination. Colour is key to the powerful effects of her imagery. Each work feels unfettered and honest in revealing fragility, beauty and a complexity of thought. The viewer is drawn in to examine every detail of the whole as if reliving the creative process for themselves.

Emma's work is now much sought after and collected and we are delighted to bring you a fabulous collection of her limited edition and signed limited edition prints and canvases. Her unmistakable and striking style has made quite an impression on the team here at the Enid Hutt Gallery and we are sure that you will appreciate these memorable pieces.

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