Authentic Models - handmade model airplanes

Authenitc Models

A collection which has been inspired by an appreciation of history and the finest detail, Authentic Models features amazing limited edition handmade pieces. Each model is a wonderful treat to savour and celebrates the adventurous nature of the human spirit. Find handmade model ships, airplanes, hot air balloons and even propellers in our collection.

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Love of Heritage & Exploration

The collection has its roots in founder Haring Piebenga’s love of the heritage pieces which he discovered in antique auctions. An explorer’s pocket compass that he purchased particularly fired up his imagination and he couldn’t stop thinking about the far corners of the planet that he could reach using this special piece. This compass and the other wonderful artefacts that he had uncovered led him to recreate the originals in amazing detail for other people to enjoy.

Beautiful Replicas

For more than 50 years, Authentic Models has been thrilling enthusiastic and loyal collectors worldwide. Perfect for history buffs and those who appreciate voyages into the unknown, the amazing handmade models in the collection beautifully replicate the stunning originals. Each piece is crafted from the finest materials and features incredible attention to detail.

Model Aircraft, Ships & More

You will adore the stunning ships, aircraft and hot air balloons in this unique collection. Celebrating important landmarks in transportation and global exploration, the impressive replicas will always be talking points. There is something for everyone in the wonderful Authentic Models collection!

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