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Caroline Shotton

"I have been painting for as long as I can remember. I lived on the outskirts of London which meant I benefited from being within easy reach of London Galleries and open countryside, both of which were a source of immense inspiration to me."

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Caroline Shotton's infectious sense of humour shines through her work, somehow managing to create paintings that do not resort to lampooning the classic works and icons of popular culture it inspires. Instead, Caroline draws on genuine affection for the subjects, and you can't help but enjoy the cheeky punning of Caroline Shotton's artwork.

With their big, deep eyes and placid looks, the cows featured in her paintings are wonderfully heart-warming, lending themselves to a brilliant stream of images and ideas. Perfect for the lounge, kitchen or study, these farmyard friends will raise a chuckle from guests, while becoming welcome and familiar additions to your home.

Humorously creating a new twist on familiar images, like the excellent "Bovinian Rhapsody" and the classic Warhol inspired "Marilyn Moonroe", Caroline reminds us how gentle parody is not only fun, but sparks off a little nostalgia. For those of us that remember the test card, the "Bovine Broadcasting Company" has a wonderful sense of fun, and instantly creates a broad smile on the face of the viewer.

You can definitely see from Caroline Shotton's art that there is a real desire to give the hapless bovines a little adventure away from the field. "Last Udders At The Bar" presents a wonderful image of Caroline's adventuresome cows at the end of a great night out. "Diamonds Are For Heifers" may not feature the typical Bond Girl type, but these girls really do like to show off their jewellery.

Beautifully painted and full of humour, Caroline Shotton prints delight in a real sense of surrealism, and perhaps give a little snapshot of what these cows do on their days off...

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