Samantha Greenhill Original Pastel - Old Red

Samantha Greenhill

Samantha Greenhill is a British artist with a growing reputation. Her appealing artwork is highly collectable and would grace any home. Samantha Greenhill artwork would represent an excellent investment.

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About Samantha Greenhill

Samantha had been interested in art since she was a young child but chose not to attend college. She instead pursued her dream to travel and became a croupier. This move enabled her to work on cruise ships in the Caribbean. But she never lost her love of art. On returning to the UK she studied art at night school but had just began selling her work when she became ill with ME.

Happily, Samantha eventually recovered and returned to her art. She was fortunate enough to meet an established artist who was exhibiting at her local gallery. He helped her to promote her work and she has never looked back since.

Inspired by Wildlife

As a child, Samantha Greenhill was fascinated by Aesop’s fables and so it comes as no surprise that it is wildlife which inspires her compositions. At the Enid Hutt Gallery, we are delighted to feature a striking collection of Samantha’s original pastels showcasing British wildlife and cattle. The characterful compositions celebrate the unique personalities of the animals. The subjects are set against simple backgrounds and the detailed studies are oozing with charm.

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