Terry Bradley original art - painting of four working men with flatcaps, tools and tattoos

Terry Bradley

At the Enid Hutt Gallery we have the absolute pleasure of being able to present some stunning Terry Bradley originals. With an overwhelmingly vivid quality to them, these pieces of art display the unmistakeable Bradley essence.

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Escapism Through Illustration

Terry Bradley grew up in Belfast and, living through the Troubles, found that reading Herge’s Adventures of Tin Tin was an important means of escapism; the deep black lines of illustrations have fed into his creative imagination to this day.

Voyeuristic View

From being a child in Belfast, avoiding the violence but carefully observing the dangers of the world around him, this kind of voyeurism has also shaped his creative process. To look upon Terry Bradley’s art is to look out at the world through Bradley’s artistic lens and have the world transformed.

Figures & Symbolism

Weaving intriguing symbolism into his art, Bradley creates figures which are bold and dynamic whilst also seeming to hold back part of their meaning. You'll find tattooed figures and backgrounds with symbolic patterns. Bright colours and dark lines mixed with drips, washed out areas and a feel of ageing posters. It in this fascinating and attractive space which Terry Bradley has mastered his craft.

Terry Bradley Originals

This collection of Terry Bradley original paintings features figures influenced by a wide range of characters, from powerful women such as the burlesque dancers of Paris to the hard-working folk of the Belfast dockland area. Take home your very own Terry Bradley original and enjoy the full magnitude of his creations.

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