Chris Bourne Original Art

Chris Bourne

Chris Bourne's artwork strives to capture the tranquillity of idyllic, happy days from a peaceful past.

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Exploring as a Youngster

Chris Bourne was brought up in Goring-on-Thames and spent much of his time as a youngster exploring the beautiful south Oxfordshire countryside. His love of the natural surroundings never left him and was to inspire his work when he became a professional artist later in life.

Capturing Natural Landscapes

Bourne studied at the Berkshire College of Art and Design and then spent 12 years as an art director in London before returning to his passion for painting. Now living near Dorking in Surrey, Bourne spends much of his time rambling in the Surrey hills, sketchbook in hand, revelling in the natural landscapes and carefully recording light and shade and the stunning colours around him.

His work captures the character and beauty of the landscape with a depth and joy reminiscent of a young child discovering something wonderful for the first time. This should be no surprise as his work is the product of an enduring love of nature but also of his treasured childhood memories.

Magical Quality of Light

Bourne paints in both oils and acrylics and each composition has an almost luminescent quality as the light filters down through leaves and branches to highlight tranquil scenes with branches waving in the breeze and colourful carpets of flowers. The distinctive light and hues of each season are perfectly conveyed and each landscape looks completely undisturbed by mankind.

Bourne creates his compositions with complex layers of colour and texture reminiscent of impressionist art and yet with greater realism and clarity. As the shafts of light fall on the burnt orange leaves of autumn and pour through the trees you almost want to shield your eyes and thick carpets of spring flowers seem to light the landscape all on their own.

Chris Bourne Originals

At the Enid Hutt Gallery we are delighted to showcase Chris Bourne originals. Our collection features a number of his striking original paintings in both oil and acrylic which we are sure you will want to add to your collection. Fabulously English and wonderfully personal, the work of Chris Bourne is much admired so do take a look at our gallery today for his latest artworks.

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