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Mark Grieves

The memorable and highly individual work of Mark Grieves would make a fabulous addition to any home. Striking as individual pieces and fabulous collectively, Mark Grieves' prints always evoke an emotional response. Explore our selection of signed limited editions available in 3D.

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Artist Mark Grieves was born in North Shields in 1971. His father worked in the local shipyards and times were tough, especially at school. Mark was struggling to concentrate and had behavioural issues which ultimately ruined any chance he had of attending art college. But he did find work as a photographer.

Mark was eventually able to return to art and the skills that he had learnt as a photographer proved to be extremely useful in his creative endeavour. His work demonstrates his attraction to interesting shapes and shadows, comic books and contrasting light. He loves to create compositions into which the viewer can immerse themselves and admits that his working environment is generally a chaotic one!

For Mark, the real joy of art is the ability to produce images which would not exist in real life. He works in oils and does not sketch his compositions but rather dives straight in. When completed, the majority of his paintings bear no resemblance to his original concept and have evolved into something else entirely. But they are always characterised by an absorbing narrative which draws the viewer in.

His incredibly successful musical series sold out. His originals and limited editions often sell out within just a few days. Now, his art has been given a striking new dimension with the production of 3D limited editions featuring piano themed compositions. We are pleased to showcase this collection here at the Enid Hutt Gallery.

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