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Scott Rohlfs

Scott Rohlfs has been tipped to become one of the most celebrated and influential artists of our times and so now is a good time to invest in his work. We are proud to feature a striking collection of Rohlfs’ original work together with signed limited edition Scott Rohlfs prints. One viewed, his paintings live long in the memory. They are statement pieces that are very much of their time and yet have a timeless quality. It is their paradoxical nature which ensures that they remain fascinating and perplexing.

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As a youngster Scott Rohlfs felt compelled to draw and so perhaps he was destined to become an artist. He was born in Alaska but grew up in the sunnier climate of California with its vibrant and diverse cultural scenes. He was still sketching as a teenager. Like most people of that age he developed an interest in fashion trends and pop culture and these influences began to inspire his work. He also became fascinated with the portrayal of the female form and today his paintings display a fabulous fusion of pop art, fashion and idealised femininity.

Rohlfs describes his style as "pop surrealism". Using acrylics, airbrushing and oils, he creates odysseys which transport the viewer into a new and graphic world of dramatic imagery and bold colours. The precise nature of his work is almost impossible to characterise. It is simultaneously reminiscent of billboards, film noir, graphic novels and a fashion photo shoot. He creates a captivating virtual world that is somewhere between hip hop and haute couture!

In these Scott Rohlfs prints the figures exist in a unique world of dramatic lines, striking colour, tattoo inspired fashion and moody atmospheres. There is a slightly clandestine or underground feel to his creations which are always packed with symbolism. His idealised women tend to feature amazing, oversized eyes which are their windows to their souls. Those eyes always demand attention and draw the viewer right into the canvas.

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