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Andrei Protsouk

Andrei Protsouk's artwork has a very distinctive style with strong lines and skilled compositions that draw your eye around the painting. Our collection includes some stunning Andrei Protsouk originals in oil and signed limited editions that would make a wonderful talking point in any space.

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Andrei Protsouk was born in Ukraine in 1961 and discovered a love for painting at a young age. His parents recognised his creative talent and encouraged him in his endeavours. Andrei was accepted into the Lugansk State School of Art where he impressed his tutors with both his painting and drawing and he was to go on to pursue a master’s degree in fine art at what is now the Russian Academy of Arts in St Petersburg. There he was taught by revered artists Evsey Moiseenko, a friend of Pablo Picasso. Protsouk’s work was often confiscated by the Soviet authorities to be exhibited in the school’s museum as it was considered to be of such outstanding quality.

Whilst undertaking his PhD he travelled to the United States and two years later emigrated there. His work was exhibited in galleries and his paintings became popular with both major corporate clients and significant private collectors including George W. Bush.

Since his student days Andrei has been admired as a master of composition and his work is notable for his use of line. Such are his compositional skills and use of colour that his works draw the audience in and invite examination no matter how many times they are viewed. An Andrei Protsouk painting feels like it is a changing landscape. His subject matter has changed since his arrival in America. Once dominated by dark colours and sombre themes, his paintings now burst with bright hues and focus on more cheerful subjects. He finds inspiration in the urban environment and contemporary activities whilst celebrating love and life’s simple pleasures.

Andrei’s work has soul. A soul which is the result of his fascination with human relationships, love and the beauty to be found in the mundane. His pieces often features couples doing activities together. His subjects are expressed through his unique use of colour, line and texture and have an element of cubism about them.

Today Andrei Protsouk lives in Pennsylvania with his family and continues to work prolifically. His work is much sought after and represents excellent investment potential. We are delighted to feature both Andrei Protsouk signed limited edition prints and originals at the Enid Hutt Gallery which we are sure will make quite an impression. A magical fusion of classical technique, modernist style and an appreciation of life, Protsouk’s work is at once striking, engaging and moving.

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