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Doug Hyde

"All I want to do is create fantastic contemporary art; the fact that the work conveys feeling is due to the painting being so real to me, capturing a memory or something I have seen, or sending a personal message to somebody close to me, followed by a simple title which captures the essence of that message." - Doug Hyde

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About Doug Hyde

Doug Hyde was declared the UK's best selling artist in 2005 and described as the most popular living artist in the UK on BBC news. He has often been featured on the news - both national and local, and also appeared on channel 4 and various radio shows.

The enormous success of Doug Hyde was purely an accident. He enjoyed creating artwork for friends and relatives, but found himself increasingly in demand from people who had seen the artworks done for his nearest and dearest. It was very difficult for Doug to part with any of his paintings, as it wasn't ever his intention to sell any of his creations.

Today, Doug Hyde prints are very much in demand, and Doug is very appreciative of the public's embrace of his artwork, and puts his success down to creating artwork for himself and his family, rather than for anyone else. He believes that would be very contrived to outwardly attempt to appeal to everyone, and just creating art for himself makes it much more identifiable for the public.

Doug Hyde was born in 1972 in Bristol, and throughout his early life was always focused on art, so it was no surprise that this became his chosen career. His art is contemporary and very distinctive, his subjects filling the majority of the painting in a bold, larger-than-life style. This ensures the painting achieves maximum impact. Doug's artworks are often heart warming and uplifting, stirring a fondness within the viewer for the subject in the painting.

Charming Characters

The wonderful charm in Doug Hyde prints provoke a positive response in people, and his success in this has made a huge impact on the British and international art scene. He has also raised money for charity through the sale of his artwork. No wonder his original pastel works have become collector's items!

Here at Enid Hutt we adore Doug Hyde's work and especially his recent collection featuring animals such as dogs, cats, mice, hedgehogs and more. The fun signed limited edition prints feature cute creatures and catchy titles such as 'Boot Camp' and 'Ramblers'. This new collection takes on a soft monochrome style with accents of colour for the animals features like cats eyes or a ducks beak.

The Ideas Box

In order to continue making wonderful artworks, Doug Hyde jots down ideas immediately and keeps them in an 'ideas box'. These ideas can come about from his own emotional responses, or seeing someone's love for a person or animal, or just something funny he's seen. Sometimes he will hear a phrase spoken and immediately visualise a picture. These ideas are generally spontaneous or mood driven. When he comes to work on something new, Doug Hyde refers to the 'ideas box' and tries to refine the image in his head. When ready to be transferred to the drawing board, he sketches it out and adds ideas to it until it evolves into the final piece.

Doug Hyde Signed Limited Edition Prints & Sculptures

Doug Hyde prints are a truly wonderful, positive addition to the home, wherever you choose to put them. We also have Doug Hyde sculptures available to purchase here at the Enid Hutt Gallery.

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